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"Working with Lori was an absolute pleasure! When the Deputy Commissioner recommended my pistol license be denied, one of the reasons was an oversight on my part; a true and honest mistake. However, the letter went on to insulate I was trying to deceive the court and they questioned my morality as an honest man and citizen. I sought Lori’s assistance in putting together an affidavit mainly to set the record straight and respond to this outright attack on my character and allow for clean slate to reapply next year, as I was expecting a denial. Answering the court with an affidavit on my character was more important; however Lori did such a great job that I received a pistol license a short time later after I submitted the sworn affidavit! I highly recommend her services!"

"Lori has made the process simple for me to handle- I gathered up the circumstances and facts, and she compiled a very organized, logical and reasonable case that reflected our beliefs and values. My husband and I got favorable decisions and a lot of it is due to Lori. She is super professional, patient and diligent. I’m so thankful that I didn’t DIY this. I’ll refer everyone I know to her.”

“Happy to say that my pistol license application was approved. I know that would not have been the case without the assistance of Lori. I now gladly enjoy my Second Amendment rights.”

As a Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, Ms. Corini is a strong advocate of the Second Amendment. After assisting with numerous Westchester Firearm Safety Courses as an instructor and helping many pro-2A clients in her law office, Ms. Corini has extensive experience with the pistol license application and amendment processes (e.g., full carry) in Westchester, NY.

To learn more, you can read "How to Get a Full Carry Permit in Westchester County, NY" from Ms. Corini's Church Security and firearm related blog.

Examples of Second Amendment related services:

  • NYS Pistol License Applications and Amendments

    • Premise Home, Premise Business, or Concealed Carry (a/k/a Full Carry)

  • Letters of Explanation for Arrests, Family Court Proceedings, Orders of Protection, Mental Health, etc.

  • Sworn Affidavits

  • Attend Hearings and Conferences

  • Challenge or Appeal Pistol License Application Denials, including Article 78 Proceedings

  • Driving Abstracts

  • Unsuppressed Criminal History Records 

  • Certificates of Disposition

  • Certificates of Relief from Civil Disabilities 

  • Pistol License Suspension or Revocation 

  • NICS Denial and Appeals

  • Semi-Automatic Rifle Licenses 

  • NYS SAFE Act

  • Gun Trusts

The above listed processes can be challenging and time consuming. If you want help with a Pistol License application or Second Amendment related issue, then call (914) 235-0784 to schedule an appointment. 

Ms. Corini is a member of the NRA, GSSF, NYSRPA, WCFOA, and AMGOA. ​